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bee you tea full

May 2012



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May. 13th, 2012

bee you tea full

[sticky post] I Never Knew Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic - FanFiction.Net

*Summary: For years Morgan read stories about the gods and halfbloods, but never thought they could possible be real. What will happten when she not only finds out that the stories and all the people are real, but that her whole life has been a complete lie, starting with her parents and brother. Only her new friends can help her find who she truly is.

Chapter 1: Morgan/Michael italics are the narrator's thoughts


For years the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books were my favorite series. I never thought they would be real.

For a while I would dream at night about what it would be like to be a demi-god. My friend Elena and I would even pretend to be half-bloods sometimes. I know, we though it was weird too, but we did it anyway. We would goof around all the time pretending to fight monsters on quests and talk to the gods. I always thought it would be exciting and fun. I never thought I could be so wrong and so right at the same time. I all started around when I was fourteen. I was in class at Immaculata High School. I was a bit scared because I had recently moved to New Jersey from Maryland the previous december and though I had transferred then, I moved mack to my boarding school in maryland instead of going to public school in New Jersey to finish the year with all of my friends before we all went to different high schools. I never had liked public school. I don't know why, it just never stuck me as me. So anyway, here I was walking into homeroom in my new private high school here in Somerville, New Jersey when I saw my two friends Michael and Madison walking in. They were twins and I was glad they were in my homeroom because I didn't really know anybody else having just moved here. I had only just met them a week earlier, since freshman orientation. I didn't really know anyone else at this point. I can be a bit shy at first. I walked up to Michael and Madison. Michael has straight blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I loved his eyes. He was 6'6" which is a foot taller than me. I especially liked this because not many guys my age were taller than me. He had an amazing six pack and was very athletic. He told me that he played lacrosse, which was awesome seeing as I play lacrosse. I also love to swim and I can hold my breath for almost 4 minutes! In other words he was my dream guy. Madison was just like her brother. They would have been identical twins had they both been the same gender.

"Hey guys!" I said

"Hey Morgan, how was your last week of freedom?" Michael asked? He can be a bit sarcastic sometimes.

"It was good, I guess. How was yours?"

"Great! I beat my game!" He likes video games.

"Good for you ha ha. how about you Mads?"

" It was good I guess, but I didn't really do much, Michael was too busy playing games on his xbox to play lacrosse with me."

"Aw you should have called I would have gladly played with you!"

"I'll remember that next time!" she said.

"Has anyone seen Marie? I thought she was supposed to be in this homeroom as well."

"No" I said. Just then Marie came running in.

"Speak of the devil" Mads laughed.

Marie had long brown hair and calf-brown eyes. She was short and had a funny way of running, almost like she was trotting. Maybe she was a satyr. I laughed at myself in my head for having such a thought. I am in high school now. No more silly imaginations. these people aren't as crazy as you and Elena used to be. Time to be more mature. Little did I know how wrong I was.

"Hey guys, have you noticed that all of our names start with 'M'? ha ha I just noticed. Thats kinda funny." I said.

"Thats true I never thought of that!" Marie said.

Just then the bell rang and we were all told to take our seats. Michael just stood there lost in thought and I had to punch him in the shoulder to get his attention.



We were at camp, my sister and I, when we got an iris message from Marie, the satyr. she said that she had found a powerful smelling girl at a school in New Jersey. New Jersey wasn't to far from camp so we decided to take a trip down. We made everyone think that we had applied to the school and were incoming freshman, thanks to the mist, and made our way into orientation. Madison, Marie and I were looking around the room looking for the half-blood when I noticed a girl sitting in the second row all alone. I didn't know why she was all alone because she was stunningly beautiful. She had Straight blonde hair and sea foam green eyes. She had an athletic figure. She seemed to be pretty tall, maybe 5'6" of course I was taller but I am the tallest fourteen year old I know. She wore a t-shirt that said: Chicks with Sticks, We Lax for Life. It had the sleeves cut off so it was like a tank top for athletes. (I play lacrosse and it would be nice to have somebody to play with at camp beside Mads) She wore black skinny jeans, flip flops, an owl ring, and matching owl earrings. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I tapped Marie on the shoulder and asked if she was the girl we were looking for. She nodded yes, so we made our way over to her. I went up and introduced myself.

"Hi, my name is Michael. This is my sister Madison, but you can call her Mads, and this is our friend Marie."

"Hi. I'm Morgan. Do you want to sit with me? I don't know any people here yet."

"Sure!" Mads said.

End of flashback

I had spaced out after I started talking about video games, and I didn't see Marie walk in. In fact I didn't notice she was in the room until the ball rang and we were told to take our seats. Morgan punched me in my shoulder which took me from my thoughts.

"Ow, what was that for?" Gods she looks beautiful. she is wearing the uniform like everyone else, but she still had her owl ring on and earrings in.

"The bell rang. Time to take our seats," she said.

"Oh, okay!" We sat down next to each other while our teacher took roll.